1.  The duration of the game will be 3 minutes.

2.  Each player will receive 3 lives, at the end of these 3 lives, the game will be over.

3.  Each question will have one mole with the correct answer. The objective is to strike the mole corresponding to the correct option to score.

4.  The scores will be as follows:

    - [Easy] Correct Answer: 1 point
    - [Medium] Correct Answer: 2 points
    - [Hard] Correct Answer: 3 points
    - Incorrect Answer: -1 life

5.  The higher the score, the higher the ranking on the leaderboard.

Privacy Policy


1.  The game collects Username and Score of the user to create a leaderboard among global players of the game. No other information is collected from the user.

2.  If a user wishes to play anonymously, they can start the game without entering their name, and their score will be saved under the "Anonymous" tag.

3.  The game updates the High Score of the user in the Leaderboard accordingly as it changes, and stores only the maximum value.

4.  The data collected from the user is only used to generate the Leaderboard.

5.  The game is not associated with any Third Party applications. User data is neither shared nor sold.

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